LOST & FOUND | The first exhibition showcasing artists from Saatchi's "Your Gallery" website

19 - 30 January 2007


'Your Gallery'; the website set up by the Art patron Charles Saatchi allows artists from across the world to post their work on the Saatchi website. The “Your Gallery” site is attracting upwards of 1.6m hits a day. Dealers have said the site has become a 'Godsend'. The Brick Lane Gallery director, Tony Taglianetti says 'The role of the internet in establishing younger artists cannot be overestimated'. Tony Taglianetti and Danielle Horn, the curator at the Brick Lane Gallery have teamed up with young artist Abby Jackson to create a show bringing together an exciting host of international artists from the 'Your Gallery' website.


With a recent focus on the figure and painting in the traditional sense, Lost & Found at the Brick Lane Gallery seeks to reclaim the unfettering aesthetic beauty which an accomplished abstract work of art beholds. In contrast to such abstract works by Cate Maddy, Hugh McCarthy, Annie Lin, Diamantis Stagidis & Laurent Koller a backdrop of startling sculpture featuring the world of Chongwoon Choi, Alexander Small and Hektor Mamet will unfold. We will also discover Antti Laitinen's abstract & beautiful vision through his photographs and video and Jef Bourgeau and Chris Clarke’s visual yet intellectual work.

Art lovers & collectors are often dissatisfied in their quest to find art which can add a personal or emotional engagement to a collection. Lost & Found is an exhibition in stark contrast to some of its contemporaries who like to conceptualise the conceptual; this exhibition won’t add 'strap lines' to works of art. Lost & found has been co-curated by Danielle Horn from the Brick Lane Gallery and fellow ‘Your Gallery’ artist Abby Jackson to create an exhibition that not only highlights the immense talent available online today but endorses the simplicity of art which really works as art. In other words art that doesn’t have to try hard.